The arrow pierced the bird’s chest,

Where did the arrow come from?

The bird fell to the ground with its eyes closed,

Suddenly another bird escaped.

The birds of the forest are all bewildered,

It aroused the curiosity of the forest dwellers.

What happened, what happened, you birds?

Why don’t…

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If one truly loves, it can be understood by using it before hearing the word of love from his mouth. Love means wiping wet eyes and dreaming again, waking up alone at night, teary eyes, holding the hand of the man sitting next to you and subtracting your own sentence…

What’s Payoneer?

Payoneer is a payment method. You can apply for MasterCard by having an account with Payoneer. However, the application must be made through any marketplace. With Payoneer MasterCard you can easily transfer dollars from international marketplaces like Fiber, Upwork etc. and using MasterCard you can withdraw money from…

When there is a little quarrel, love begins to think, perhaps love has become man, and then thought and exhaustion begin. There are very few relationships that will not quarrel. Both boys and girls worry about losing their relationship. However, girls are a little more restless and suffer from more…

They are named after the capital of the empire, Rome. Rome became a huge civilization from a village surrounded by seven hills around the small town of Rome on the banks of the Tiber River. The period of Rome’s development as a city dates back to the fifth century BC…

You have awakened the memory of spring, In my heart

I will match the independent heart, I will write about love.

On the border of my house you have two legs.

Silently you just taught arrogance,

I look at you in bed dreaming, looking at you.

That melody lost in…

I do not understand the Seema. Like Seema, Mina also told me, “People are terrible. At first love shows then neglect, contempt. Why are people like that? ” The head was tingling and the body was starting to feel very bad. I told Seema, “I’ll talk to you later. I’ll…

It will take me in the darkness of night

In a secluded place surrounded by silent shadows.

The mountains are asleep, in the imagination of the mind

No one has the right to mind

The day you said in love that you are only mine.

Desperate hair flying in the…

About five hundred miles west of the Maya civilization in Central America, the Aztecs developed a new civilization. The Aztec Empire was the richest and most powerful power in contemporary Central America. The empire stretched from the valley of Mexico in the west to the Gulf of Mexico in the…

Md Abu Bakar

Ex. ICT Teacher, Bakalia Government College, Chattogram, Bangladesh.

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