I do not understand the Seema. Like Seema, Mina also told me, “People are terrible. At first love shows then neglect, contempt. Why are people like that? ” The head was tingling and the body was starting to feel very bad. I told Seema, “I’ll talk to you later. I’ll keep it now.” I cut the line.

I saw the evening sky of the city. I was talking about myself by witnessing the evening sky. We were very close but we never really talked about love. I waited for him to talk a little after the holidays and walk together. Believe me, I felt so much for him inside, I didn’t even understand it myself.

We were introduced to the library. At first glance, I think of the Seema. A little harshness, self-control and clear personality. Just like me. One day it is raining in torrents. Seema came in front of our house and called me and said “Come out of the house. I came to get wet with you. I came to touch your wet eyes. I came to kiss your wet hair. ” I came out and said, “I have learned to walk from the rain. Don’t forget me in the smell of buds.” I got wet with him for a long time that day. Where are my glasses? I wiped the glasses with the corner of my shirt and put them on his eyes. I put my hand on his shoulder and kissed his forehead. Can’t speak of love? The girls explain that they don’t say anything. As you understand, you caressed me because I love you, so I couldn’t stop you.

I look at him seriously. The train continues. The black shadows of the night all around. This time I became very serious and put my hand on his shoulder and said, “Terrible darkness is coming. Sleep actually takes all the darkness. Right? ” How he looks at me. He must have been surprised to put his hand on her shoulder and say that suddenly. This time I became more serious and said, “I didn’t say a while ago that people wear masks. Don’t trust anyone. Do you believe my words? Didn’t your man’s name have a Seema? ” Wanted to avenge the loss of life by throwing from the moving train.

I’m very tired. In this life of depression I am really tired. I look at the moon in the sky. After a while, I felt the need to call the border. I relaxed by phone. Seema began to say to me, “What happened? Why are you silent on the phone?” Talk. Why the sound of the train? Where are you now? ” I did not reply to this saying, “Seema, these people seem normal throughout their lives, but people can not be normal many times. We humans are different. The hardships are also different. When people see the blue sky cutting through the current of life, it seems that the injury has dried up. Does the injury actually dry out? I think so now. You know I’m very tired. May I come to you? Wouldn’t it be bad to wait? ” The Seema is silent. After a while, he says, “Are you telling me to wait again?” I will not answer this again. I just told him “I don’t like to see the silver moon in the sky alone. Even if it’s a little late, wait, I’m coming. ”

The sweet scent of perfume is all over the house. What should I shave in the morning; I didn’t even have time for breakfast. After a few days of hard work in the office, I met her ex-boyfriend on the moving train again. The border girl is impossibly beautiful. Shampoo-like hair up to the shoulder, a light green shirt with a dark green salwar kameez, and a fist-width veil thrown backwards. Even after wearing a pair of flat sandals, it is different from ten Bengali girls. I rushed to find out what happened. I don’t think I need to tell you anything, I said it didn’t feel good so I rushed to you.

He looked at the Seema and looked at the eyes that he had got the logistics of survival. The dreams have begun to sort out. But society and the people of that society slap him in the face and show him his past. Two people are sitting anxiously. The silence of the two sides seemed to say a lot. Nothing but a sigh of relief was heard. My dream is you know everything in my life. Seema was silent for a while saying the words, the heart of the man on the other side was twisting and bleeding. Looking back at the Seema, the hand that was held tightly was at once.

You are a very good man. At the heart of my gratitude to you. Unusual stress, seeing the ex of his Smeea irritated his body. You and I will fulfill all our dreams together, you will hear everything without me saying anything, and our path will become one. That’s when you start to feel like a stranger to yourself. I came out of the house and stood on the verandah. In front of my eyes was the scattering of the stars of the last night and another urge to change myself in my mind. Seema said in a black shirt and blue jeans you look a little more handsome today than other days. I put my head on the chest. Even if you have enough faith, a fear always works. In the middle of my chest, where the mind is, where the heart is, there I put you no matter how much. Everyone in the family thinks that the ones they bring are washed basil and are the most deserving and the ones we like are the most unworthy in the world. In fact, the good and the bad are in all people. Not just judging unilaterally. The boys and girls of this age are no less than anyone else. I wrote a poem about you. The title of the poem said love and extended his hand towards the Smeea. In eternal love so that the two of us can move forward.

Ex. ICT Teacher, Bakalia Government College, Chattogram, Bangladesh.